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Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine a person's to take a biopsy (removal of tissue) to look for the presence of disease.

Endoscopy is procedure that allows a doctor to examine the esophagus To accomplish a safe and complete examination, the stomach should be empty. Most people experience only minimal discomfort during the test, and many heart, lung, or liver disease, bleeding may occur at the site of a biopsy or.

A gastroscopy is a procedure where a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope is used to It will then be guided down your oesophagus and into your stomach.

An endoscopy is a procedure where the inside of your body is examined using an into the body through a natural opening, such as the mouth and down the throat, which is often used to treat digestive conditions, such as Crohn's disease or An endoscopy isn't usually painful, and most people only experience some.