Queen Anne's County Department of Health Adult Evaluation and Review Services - adult evaluation


Adult Evaluation & Review Services (AERS) - Wicomico County Health Department adult evaluation

AERS, formerly known as Geriatric Evaluation Services, is an in-home evaluation and assessment program for aged and/or disabled adults. AERS also performs inter-RAI evaluations for community Medicaid recipients who are seeking Home and Community-based Services (HCBS).

AERS is a Maryland program based in local health departments which provides assistance to frail, aged, and disabled adults. The AERS nurse conducts an.

The Adult Evaluation and Review Services, (AERS) program accepts referrals from persons who are concerned about the welfare of an adult who is mentally.

Description: Nurses perform an in-home evaluation and assessment for aged and/or disabled children and adults. The evaluations determine.