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Bound By Kryptonite Chapter 1, a supergirl fanfic | FanFiction adult supergirl stories

Updated: October 4, pm -: Rated: Adult -: Chapters: 1 This story takes place during Season 1 of Supergirl, but there are no real spoilers. Content .

Content of the Story: Superman TAS/Justice League Subject: F/F, oral, hand, Fdom, fight, rough. Characters involved: Maxima/Supergirl Author: Operandi.

Blackout (Adult Version). Fandom: Supergirl. Author: Ahsoka Rating: M for lesbian sex and rape, (Kinda). Genres: Romance, Humor.

Supergirl was shown sat on a metal chair shrouded by darkness, just one light above her. Wrists and ankles bound by kryptonite. She had been.