Dentofacial deformities: orofacial myofunctional characteristics - dental facial deformity


Long-Face Dentofacial Deformities: Occlusion and Facial Esthetic Surgical Outcomes. dental facial deformity

These deformities may be minimal, such as a slight projection of the chin, or extreme, This treatment aims to achieve facial, dental and functional harmony.

Facial aesthetics are compromised by the abnormal position of the maxilla, mandible, . Correction of the jaw deformity can simplify the dental rehabilitation.

Trauma to the facial skeleton can also lead to dentofacial deformities. combination of specific x-rays, photographs, dental models and thorough clinical exams.

In addition, improper alignment of your jaws and teeth may affect the entire appearance of your face. Correcting your jaw deformity may greatly improve your .