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Dragostea Din Tei also informally known as "Ma Ya Hi" and "The Numa Numa Song" (see § Lyrics), is the most successful single by the Moldovan pop group O- Zone. A popular cover of the song was made by Italian-Romanian pop singer .. as "pluma pluma gay" (literally "feather feather gay", meaning "sissy sissy gay" ).

New T.I. song, with Rihanna[edit]. It samples Dragostea din tei, and has rihanna sing a chorus . I don't understand! The Romanian lyrics are gender-free, but O- Zone's video is considered as gay. And the song seems to be well-liked by gays.

The ozone is like a condom and global warming is herpies. A popular band in Europe, specifically Muldova (a country located right next to Romania). for Dragostea din tei if you don't understand exactly why this band simply must be gay.

O-Zone stared when a gay musical gypsy named Dan Balan called his new bed In the entire band starred in Romanian Gay Bands Gone Wild! along.