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We run a lot of posts on amateur radio here at Hackaday, and a majority of our writers and editors* are licensed hams. The other “secret” about the amateur radio exams is that all of the . Well, I sure looked at the Extra question pool. . But if you can't learn it from the Kings, I don't think you can learn it:p.

N8KBR's Amateur Radio License Study Guides and Instruction Resources · Licensing AD7FO's Study Guides, click on "Training Links" for Technician, General and Extra license preparation and instruction. . from Jamie King, KJ4KJ .

KIØJU Amateur Radio -- Extra Class (conversations) routinely interfered with my all-important Saturday morning TV episodes of Sky King.

All members of RAST and amateur radio operators who are visiting Thailand are October 12 RAST will conduct a US FCC amateur radio examination at King a certificate to HS5BQT/KG5ULY who upgraded to a US Extra Class licence.