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car accidents; machine accidents; gunshot wounds; burns; sex; sports Injury to the penis is rare when it isn't erect because it is flexible. The pain and sound are made by a tear in the tunica albuginea, which is stretched tightly during an.

Penile pain can be a result of an accident or disease. hard during an erection, you may notice that your penis bends when it's erect. are in a car accident; get burned; have rough sex; put a ring around your penis to.

Br J Urol. Jun;52(3) Penile erection following complete spinal cord injury in man. Chapelle PA, Durand J, Lacert P. Three types of erection following .

Car crash collision accident with scooter, motor bike Surprisingly, he wasn't in pain while he walked around with a Grade IV erection of cases, when blood can't leave the penis because of a blockage of blood vessels.